A partner in your clients' health and wellbeing

You’re invested in the health and wellbeing of your clients, and we know that your role is to guide them make the right decisions for them and to engage their support system for lasting impact. If you find that a one-size-fits-all approach to managing those relationships doesn’t work for you, you’re the perfect partner for us.

When you join Kith + Kin’s Affiliate Program, here’s what you get:

Earn $5 per client who signs up using your personal referral link

An additional $50 bonus for every 20 clients you get 

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Join Kith + Kin's Affiliate Program

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How it works:

  1. Apply for the program. Approximately 15 affiliates will be accepted into the program; you will be notified within one week of application.

  2. Create a Kith + Kin account (if you haven’t already) and start using the app for yourself and your circle.

  3. Schedule an Affiliate Concierge session with a Kith + Kin expert to learn more about the app and the partnership.

  4. Once accepted into the program, we’ll send you a personal link to share with clients.

What it means for you:

Kith + Kin strengthens your partnership with your clients by providing a simple, secure tool for you both to share information, make notes about each session or visit, and easily keep each other updated between visits.


Best of all, your clients can use Kith + Kin to store, organize and share any information with any members of their circle, to engage their support system in a way that fortifies the work you do together for a strong relationship and sustained impact.

Benefits of Kith + Kin for You and Your Clients

No more lost conversations

Do you ever send follow up notes, links to resources, copies of documents, and any other info to your clients that has nowhere to be organized for ease of reference and retrieval? With Kith +Kin, store everything from notes to pictures to video links, organized by topic in a way that’s easy to organize, manage and find when they need it.

No more lost time

Do you ever wish you could hit the ground running at your session by being caught up by the time your client arrives? With Kith + Kin, your clients can keep running records of whatever is important for you to know to effectively plan for or manage their session to make the most of your time together.

No more lost connections

Do you ever wish you could easily connect with your client’s support circle (with their permission) to keep them on track and keep you informed of when they may need a little more support?

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