5 Foods to Reduce Stress

March is National Nutrition Month, an annual campaign that focuses on the importance of making informed food choices and developing healthy eating habits. For those of us managing health conditions for yourself, taking care of your kids’ health needs, helping care for older parents, or some combination of those, finding the time and energy to […]

In Case of Emergency: How to be an Advocate in the ER

By Ashley Chin Ashley is a former Emergency Room Nurse turned stay-at-home baker for her delicious cookie company, Ranta Bakes LLC. In her spare time, Ashley loves to craft, crochet, and spend time with her husband, Tyler, and their sweet wire fox terrier puppy, Luna.   As a former Emergency Room Nurse, I’ve seen all […]

Inner Circle Sessions: 3 Tips to Prepare for Elder Care

The search for the right choice for senior care can be a daunting one. That’s where Jenny comes in! Jenny Kenderes is the CEO of Premier Senior Solutions, which is dedicated to assisting seniors and their families in the next chapter of their journey. She’s committed to finding the best options for seniors to live their best life […]

How to Compile a Personal Health Record

Can you remember the date of your last tetanus shot? How about your reaction to the latest medication you tried? For many of us, the response to those questions would be a blank stare. These are just a couple of examples of where a personal health record would really come in handy. You’re probably already […]

Stories: A Nurse with Chronic Conditions Shares her Thoughts

Here at Kith + Kin, there are few things we enjoy more than hearing from our members, whether it’s stories about how they’re using the app, or suggestions for how we can make improvements. Sarah H., a nurse who’s managing her own chronic conditions as well as her whole family’s health info, recently reached out […]

Stories: What Happens When Mom Needs to go to the ER

When it comes to health, I feel like I’m having every important conversation “too late.” And today was no exception. My truly sweet-as-pie mother-in-law (aka “mommom”) tripped on the concrete outside their house today and not just broke, but splintered her humerus. As we get the text from the son that lives closest, the round […]

Building Your Team in the Sandwich Generation

By Christy Yates, Author of “Building a Legacy of Love: Thriving in the Sandwich Generation” Christy is an expert in supporting caregiving families, incorporating mindfulness along with other evidence-based practices to support growth, goal achievement and a pathway to overall wellness for the whole family. She is a Licensed Educational Psychologist (LEP), an author, speaker […]

News: Kith + Kin to Exhibit at TechDay 2022

PHILADELPHIA, Penn. — On November 15, 2022, Kith + Kin will be exhibiting at TechDay New York, the largest tech expo in the country with over 10,000 attendees and 250 early stage companies designed to provide exposure and opportunity for promising startups to to gain investor attention, foster new strategic partnerships, and grow their user […]

Understanding the Health Needs of Veterans

As we show our appreciation for our military veterans, it’s important to remember that just because their service ends, the effects of their service can last a lifetime. We know veterans can face physical, mental and emotional challenges related to their service, no matter what role they served. In fact, three-quarters of veterans surveyed in […]

News: Kith + Kin Partners with PatientGenie

PHILADELPHIA, Penn. — Kith + Kin announced a strategic partnership with PatientGenie, an AI-driven healthcare navigation solution that helps consumers navigate through the complexities of provider search, and delivers them to the provider’s front door using patented algorithms and human-centered design. As a first step in the partnership, PatientGenie is now accessible directly through the […]