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Kith + Kin is Going Truly Mobile with KinKeeper

We saw the writing on the wall, and it said that 85% of you are using Kith + Kin on your mobile device. That’s why we designed KinKeeper as a native app for your Apple or Android device. Going mobile takes your digital health wallet to the next level by providing convenience, speed, and enhanced security – all in your pocket!

You can expect:


  • Easier access: Ditch the browser! KinKeeper is a dedicated app, easy to find and install on your phone, so your health info is always a tap away.
  • Push notifications: Going native means we can more easily help you stay on top of your well-being with timely notifications for appointments, reminders, and important updates.
  • Faster than ever: Say goodbye to slow loading times. KinKeeper’s native design allows us to deliver better performance overall, which means a better experience for you, the user.
  • Offline access: No internet? No problem! You’ll be able to access and update your text-based health information even when you’re disconnected.

All of these super new features come with a bit of an initial sacrifice: Desktop access will have limited functionality when we first launch. You’ll be able to view profiles and health info on your web browser, but adding new info or editing existing info from your computer will not be available for a brief period.


If you’re a power desktop user, don’t fret! Advanced desktop functionality is on our roadmap for the near future (planning for this spring), so we’re not abandoning you. In the meantime, we recommend taking full advantage of voice-to-text functionality on your phone for easy note-taking, as well as using your phone’s camera liberally to upload and save documents. You may become a full mobile convert yet!

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