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Stories: A Nurse with Chronic Conditions Shares her Thoughts

Here at Kith + Kin, there are few things we enjoy more than hearing from our members, whether it’s stories about how they’re using the app, or suggestions for how we can make improvements.


Sarah H., a nurse who’s managing her own chronic conditions as well as her whole family’s health info, recently reached out to share a bit of both:


“I love the possibilities this app has! I’m a nurse case manager, so continuity of care and empowering patients are huge to me. This is the first and only comprehensive app I’ve seen to help patients compile their own information all in one place – and Smart Items – incredible! I have a son with special needs as well, and I love being able to keep his information in the same app as mine, too. I have a profile for both kids and my husband. No more having to hunt down whose stuff is where!


I wanted to make a suggestion to have the ability to add current medical conditions/diagnoses and surgical history. This app could be a game changer!”


Thanks, Sarah! We’re happy to report that the ability to add medical conditions and surgical history are absolutely on our roadmap for the first half of 2023. Our members have consistently requested these two features, so we’re on it!!


If there’s something you wish Kith + Kin would do, let us know! We built this app for you and your Kith + Kin, and your experience matters to us and ours.


We’d love to hear your stories and feedback as well! Drop us a line at hello@kithandkin.app to share whatever’s on your mind.


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